Secret to fly

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Secret to fly

So this morning am travelling to Masindi to attend my brother’s graduation. I love travelling but hate long distances. The thought of having to sit in a taxi for two hours straight just kills me. Today morning I woke up thinking “I should secure myself a jet.” Why? Because i love sight-seeing, and going to new places, which ironically brings into play long distances that just put me off. Now that have thought about the jet, am having all these ideas of the things that would make my life feel like heaven on earth. I’m having lots of thoughts this morning, but one can’t seem to get off my mind and so am going to write to you about it. What is God’s will for my life?

Have you ever had all these desires in your heart and then started wondering if they are actually in line with Gods will for your life?

This reminds me of my university years. How my friends and I spent sleepless nights at prayer mountains, all in the name of seeking “The Will of God” in our families, careers, leadership; oh not forgetting; relationships. I bet some of you have done dry fasts trying to figure this out.

Guess what, like Bill Johnson says in the supernatural power of a transformed mind, ” the will of God is simpler and plainer than we have thought. “

In what is known as the Lord’s prayer, Jesus said clearly and concisely:

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. YOUR KINGDOM COME. Your WILL be DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. 

So simple and clear, isn’t it? In my opinion, His will is that I will have Heaven on earth. That includes my jet. I am just saying, He is an extravagant God. Heaven streets are paved with gold. In my mind, “what is a jet compared to that!”

I need you to do something right now. Pick up a pen and paper.

Write down five important areas in your life, in which you are seeking the will of God. Say family, finances, children….. Etc.

Imagine heaven in those areas, paint a picture of what heaven on earth in those areas looks like. Don’t forget to write it all down. You can even write something like, “a bed of roses with no thorns.”

If all you have written is in line with God’s word, to you I say, that’s His will for you.